Embrace the Grind

Lexington’s Premier CrossFit Facility

At FitFactory 247 we believe in embracing the grind – together. We’re a top of the line facility that offers CrossFit, and premium coaching at an affordable price. It’s a perfect combination of quality and value that delivers amazing results. Our gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our availability, even the busiest person can squeeze in a great workout.

Members thrive in our small group settings, which keeps everyone on their toes. You get expert instruction from knowledgeable coaches who truly care about your goals. We’re a fitness family that pushes each person to be the best version of ourselves. There’s no drama, just a genuine desire to succeed.

Be strong. Be brave. Be victorious.

Stop worrying and start training!

Our Facility

FitFactory 247 is your one-stop shop for convenient training. Our 6,400-square-foot facility is open 24/7 to accommodate all your fitness needs. From CrossFit to Bootcamps, we offer a variety of classes led by qualified coaches who are dedicated to your success. Run, jump, or stretch your heart out in our spacious workout area. Or put your body to the test with our state of the art equipment.

We’re a group of strong, like-minded individuals with a common goal – get fit and stay that way. Our gym is rooted in community. We train together, laugh together, but hold each other accountable. It’s a real family affair. Come on in and see for yourself!

  • This has been my first crossfit experience and I have loved every second of it. Taylor is a great trainer and will spend the time with you to make sure your form is right to avoid injury (which is most important to me.) I have seen my weight increase in every aspect with the help of Taylor while also reaching goals I set for myself when I first stepped into the gym. Taylor puts safety and form ahead of higher weights and lower times and that is why I will continue to be a customer of this gym. Great facilities, great, friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging staff, and friendly members to work out with. In my opinion, there can't be a better gym in town.

    Tyler Ramey

  • I've been a member of nearly every gym in town, this is my favorite hands down. Knowledgeable, professional, and helpful trainers. Great members & the best workouts.

    Chonda Loder

  • I have been working out for as long as I can remember... as I got older I got fatter and realized what I was doing wasn't working and I needed help from someone who knew more than I did. I have lost 50 pounds since I have been a member.

    Dr. Christian Rosevear