Success Stories


At FitFactory 247, we change lives from the inside out. We believe our members can achieve anything they put their minds to. Read their amazing success stories and see what a difference a membership makes.

  • Dr. Christian Rosevear

    I have been working out for as long as I can remember. As I got older, I got fatter and realized what I was doing wasn’t working. I needed help from someone who knew more than I did. I have lost 60 pounds since I have been a member.

  • Chonda Loder

    I’ve been a member of nearly every gym in town, this is my favorite hands down. Knowledgeable, professional, and helpful trainers. Great members & the best workouts.

  • Tyler Ramey

    This has been my first CrossFit experience and I have loved every second of it. Taylor is a great trainer and will spend the time with you to make sure your form is right to avoid injury (which is most important to me.) I have seen my weight increase in every aspect with the help of Taylor while also reaching goals I set for myself when I first stepped into the gym. Taylor puts safety and form ahead of higher weights and lower times and that is why I will continue to be a customer of this gym. Great facilities, great, friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging staff, and friendly members to work out with. In my opinion, there can’t be a better gym in town.

  • Courtney Collins

    I’ve been going to Man o’ War CrossFit for about 6 months or so now and I have to say, I have seen and felt my body change more over the last 6 months than I ever did just going to a regular gym. Taylor is such a knowledgeable and helpful coach. I was always intimidated by CrossFit because the moves seemed complicated and I was afraid I would hurt myself or just make a fool of myself but I have NEVER been forced into something without being taught without weight first. There are always modifications for movements and you progress at your own pace. I have definitely been welcomed into an awesome family of like-minded people and I never want to leave.

  • Kent McLay

    I started here about a year ago, and have seen nothing but improvement. The coaching staff is skilled, knowledgeable, and kind. These people are now some of my best friends. Do yourself a favor and come throw down here.


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